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Short Code

Short Code is a 5 digit unique number which company use for marketing purpose.Short codes are designed to be easiest way to read and remember than normal phone numbers.For example: Indiatimes has the short code 5-8888 in India.

SMS Short codes have started playing a major role in the most traditional media, Outdoor, Radio & even TV.As the ads in these media channels will connect a call to action to have consumers send a text message to a short code for sending their enquiry or request for information. Advertisers/Marketers are increasingly using our services in most of their ad campaigns.

Infect, not only marketers, but many of the application developers started opting for short codes for launching interactive SMS services for their employees, customers or any target audience.These services range fromSubscription service, Information-on-Demand, SMS based Trivia or Games, Opinion Polls, SMS Contests and SMS Voting Services.

Short Codeused by media companies,advertising agencies, real estate company, radio stations, TV channels, marketing savvy companies for campaigns, contests etc. Advertising agencies opt to use it as the response to their advertising campaign is measurable on parameters like effectiveness, numbers, time, etc.

Short Code Uses

  • Customer/Businessleads generation.

  • Information on demand.

  • Database creation of potential customer’s product wise,region wise, etc.

  • SMS Contest, polling & voting service.

  • Online surveys for real time results

Short Code Benifits

  • It works 24*7*365 available

  • Short codes are 5 digit numeric numbers.

  • Like 56161/56677/58888

  • Can get 70% genuine responses.

  • Short codes have a high top of the mind recall as they are relatively easiest way to remember.

  • Combined with pull sum, marketing campaign can be automated, analyzed and personalized.

  • Vast reach of marketing campaign due to high mobile penetration.

  • Mobile Marketing.

  • Marketing Data Collection at one place.

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