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What is a Domain Name?

In simple terms domain name is nothing but unique address of your website. Your customers, friends and other peoples can visit your website with your domain name. You can book a domain name with various extentions like .com, .in, .co.in, .org, .org.in, .net, .net.in, .info, .ws, .edu etc.. You have to register a domain name before your website launched.

Why get a Domain Name?

Domain name registration is a first step to launch your website. It is a unique address over the web. By domain name you can get personalized and professional email for your business. You can get desired domain name by using our domain lookup tool.
Domain name is the foundation for your online success. A good domain name should be easy to remember, so that target audience can think of it instantly. The next step is to register your domain name. Website Domain Name Registration is the initial step in launching a successful Website. It is very important to partner with a company who has required expertise and experience in domain name registration. A good domain name should be able to reflect the goal and vision of an organization. Maximize IT Solutions is one of the leading Web Hosting and domain name registry firms providing unparalleled service in Website Domain Name Registration.

There are specific guidelines which need to be followed for Domain registration in India and other places. The guidelines should be strictly followed in order to avoid legal hassle. Service Providers of Web hosting and domain name registration have set out the following guidelines that should be followed to get the job done:

  • Unique identity: Domain name should be unique and can be registered only if nobody is using that particular domain name. This aspect should be carefully taken care of while purchasing a domain name. Maximize IT Solutions helps you to find a unique domain name with right combination of keywords for increased traffic visit.

  • Domain name registrar: A user who wants to get his domain name registered must approach a domain name registrar. The designated registrar has control over any changes or modifications from the name. The fees charged by the registrar ideally covers administration and annual retainer charges.

  • Provision to keep the domain name for extended period of time: Designated registrars also offer extended period to keep the domain name with some extra charge. Maximize IT Solutions extends the facility of keeping the domain name for extended period of time for an extra nominal charge.

  • IP address: Once the domain name reaches the domain name registry, domain names are then converted into IP addresses, after zone files are generated through the domain name system. Entire domain name are managed by an authority that is approachable in case of any modification to the domain name.

Choose a right domain name for your website and business

Choosing a right domain name for your website is most important thing. Domain name represents your brand, business and type of website. Choose domain name with your brand or business name. Keep domain name short so that users can understand it. If you want to do ecommerce on your website so go for .com, otherwise you can choose .net. info etc.. If you are a organization choose .org or .org.in. If you want to represent as Indian so go for .in and .co.in. If you have a big brand so please book all extentions of your domain.

Chepest Domain Registration Provider in India

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